KANG.Cobwebbing Frying wok

KANG.Cobwebbing Frying wok

Item:Frying wok
SPEC: 30/32cm
Material :Ti-Al-SS+SS
NW:2.75/2.96kg/pcs(With cover)
Size: 580*85*300/580*85*320MM
Carton box size: 555*140*373/650*170*650MM
Package :carton
Set :3set/box,4set/box

1.Titanium aluminum steel,Three layers of composite material

2. Cleaning is simple and easy with titanium pans

3.The material will not rust and food will not stick to your pots and pans, most of the time to say the least.

 4.Titanium pans and pots can also be safely used in oven. Besides, they are resistant to warps, dents and scratches.