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Titanium was first discovered in 1791 in Cornwall by the Reverend William Gregor. It was not until 1910 that M.A. Hunter, working for General Electric in the USA, made pure titanium metal by heating titanium tetrac-hloride and sodium metal. Because of the smelting difficulty, Titanium has been widely put into use for just a hundred years. Used to build rockets, spaceships, warships, artificial bones, etc., Titanium is renowned as “space metal", "marine metal" and “bio-metal”

1.  Bio-compatibility

Titanium poses no harm to cells and even allows muscles to grow on it. The micro-structure of Titanium material is very similar to that of bones, which is why it is bio-compatible. Human body is not allergic at all to Titanium.

2. Bacteriostatic

Bacterial Kexing is suitable for storing fruit juice, traditional C­Titanium vessels are suitable for the storage of fruit juice, milk and even traditional Chinese medicine. The thin titanium oxide film could help to retard bacterial growth and thus keep the food &drink fresh.

3. No Heavy metal precipitation

Without composition of heavy metal elements (Ni, Cr, Cu, Mn etc.), Titanium is the healthiest metal materials and a better choice than stainless steel.

titanium info.png4. Corrosion resistance

The surface of titanium products won' t change after being placed in deep sea for a long time. Even aqua region can not corrode it.

5. High specific Strength

Titanium posses the highest tensile strength to density ratio among all metals. Only half the density, Titanium possesses almost the same strength as that of steel, which makes it extremely good for making outdoor gears.

6. High temperature resistant

Titanium is a “Special metal” that can withstand high temperature without deformation. Possessing a melting point as high as 1668Titanium cookwares could be used for a long time at 600 without fatigue damage.

7. Light

As the density of Titanium is only half that of steel, Titanium products is almost half lighter than steel products.

8. Brilliant colors

The brilliant colors of Titanium products is because of the oxide layer, not toxic and harmful paintings. Titanium oxide layers with different thickness would display different colors.